Why Grilled Food?

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Do not overcook, do not keep it under cooked, so what are we actually supposed to do? Keep it at the intermediate stage where we are quite sure that the nutrients are still alive but the germs all dead. And how is this possible to know?
When cooking chicken recipes, we are told to keep the meat at a temperature where all its harmful entities go dead, but at the same time, it is required to keep its nutrients surviving, to prevent its proteins from denaturing, and so on.
So what kind of cooking technique actually yields out this result?

If you are thinking about grilling, then yes, you have clicked the right idea.

Even if you go out at eating places, choose grilled meat items over the fried ones. The best thing about grilling a food is that, you do not have to grease it too much or add coats of any batter over it.
People going on weight loss mission usually prefer replacing all kinds of meat items with those that are grilled.
The idea of grilled chicken breast is a great one, since this part of meat composes of relatively lesser fat.

But is it only chicken that deserves to roll over red hot coals? Not at all
Instead, you can also grill your beloved veggies and fruits, and experience their unique taste.
Mangoes, apples and pears are great when grilled.
Moreover, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers would form an awesome part of your dish.

Adding grilled veggies and fruits in your plate would make your meal look more tempting and colorful.

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September 23rd, 2013 at 7:47 am

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