Why do We Need Vitamin A?

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Vitamin a is the first vitamin that was found by the doctors and that’s why it is named with the first letter of the alphabet. It is really important for the skin, hair, teeth, bones and good sight. Without enough vitamin A human organism is prone to infections.


Carrots are full with vitamin A

This vitamin is one of the most active antioxidants and it helps for protection of the skin from the harmful sun rays. It is really important for healing acne and small wrinkles. It is known that vitamin A helps from some types of cancer and it lowers the level of blood cholesterol also it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Symptoms if you lack Vitamin A

For our luck, people import enough vitamin A through the food. But, there are people who lack vitamin A this people probably suffer from cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, chronic diseases of the kidneys and prostate diseases.

Some of the symptoms for deficit of vitamin A are:

Prone to virus infections
Night blindness
Hair loss
Loss of appetite
Bone problems

Recommended daily need of vitamin A

Kids (less than 3 years) – 300 µg
Kids (4-8 years) – 400 µg
Kids (9 – 13 years) – 600 µg
Teenagers (14-18 years) – 900µg
Adults (19 and more) 900µg
Pregnant women – 750 µg

Food rich with vitamin A

Vitamin a can be found in many types of food:

Food rich with vitamin A is liver, eggs, milk and milk products, tuna fish, dark green and yellow vegetables, carrot, melon, potatoes and many other foods.

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