Vitamins in meat

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Meat has for centuries been one of the most served foods on our tables; if you don’t overeat meat can be good for you. If you go for lean meat in your diet, you will have most and only benefits from its consummation. Meat is packed with essential nutrients, such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and fats. Proteins are good for your bones and muscles, meat proteins are best for those who exercise.


Vitamins in meat include vitamin A and Vitamin D and also Vitamins from the group B known as B complex, (B 1, B 2, B 3, B 5, B 6, and B 12). Vitamin A, fish meat is best source of this vitamin, is good for your eyes it also helps for your bones and tooth health and density, Vitamin A keeps your skin healthy and good looking it also helps prevent infections.

The B complex vitamins are water – soluble vitamins, each vitamin from the group has different function and benefit to your health. Vitamin B complex main and primary benefit is conversion of the food you consume into energy. You will need Vitamins B for the formation of red blood cell. Vitamins from the group B are also good for your central nervous system and help maintain good mental health.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and potassium which are essential for healthy bones and muscles.  Vitamin D helps prevent osteoarthritis and fight inflammation. Sources of this vitamin are foods and the sun.

Vitamin K is found in animal organs such as liver, heart and kidneys, it is fat soluble vitamin and helps prevent blood clotting, it is also known that Vitamin K is a factor in bone growth and bone density; it is especially good for elder persons, and helps in the treatment of many diseases.

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