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Myths about weight loss

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In the blues of life, one often gets bitten by depression striking the nervous system about his over sized pot-belly, chubby cheeked appearance and elephantine legs. No matter how undesirable it sounds to try a quick fix and drop weight for the goodness’ sake, there however remains an unpleasant aura hampering the relationship between a festively plump, meaty looking lad and his newly committed desire to lose weight.  On the contrary, it is quite a social norm to smell fishy and get suspicious of the instant weight loss solutions. “The biggest misconception is that doing something in the short term will have long-term results,” says Elaine Magee. Thereby, let’s peek into a list of common misconceptions so you can battle the bulge armed with the truth.

Myth#1: Eliminate food high in fat and starch from your diet

Fact – It is however too mainstream to acknowledge that fats give a feeling of fullness and keep your hunger at bay for a longer time. Do not eliminate them from your diet plan but consume very little portions, as much is required to give you a feeling of fullness.

Myth#2: Skipping meals is a good option

Fact – Research has reflected that people, who skip their meals, tend to feel hungrier later on and eat more than the norm. This results in slowing down of the body’s metabolism hence resulting in accumulation of more calories as fat in the body. So eventually instead of losing weight you tend to gain weight.

Aim to lose one-two pounds per week by having the right mix of healthy food and gradually increasing the level of physical activity. Acknowledge this as an effective processing and you’ll nail at losing the weight!

Written by Marta

May 12th, 2013 at 12:47 pm