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The Blessings of Water

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“Drink water, more and more water”, indeed, this little piece of advise is as old as this planet, and every time you fall ill and you visit a doctor, they utter these very words.

But why should be intake this much water everyday? Ever wondered over it? Of course, water is a necessity, and that our organs cannot function without it, but why do they say more and more of it no matter how much you drink already’?

Well, water casts it numerous health benefits upon our body, every time it trickles down the food pipe. Despite of being tasteless and colorless, water is an energizing element that can keep you going on for long hours of exercising and other energy demanding activities such as trekking, jogging, running, etc.

Moreover, water washes your body internally from toxins, which itself is a great prevention against many ailments. The health of the internal aspect of your body reflects through your skin, which also shines and glows due to lots of water intake.

Water also acts as a fighter against unwanted hunger pangs. Drinking a glass full of water would save you from adding extra pounds to your body, which you would other wise gain by munching upon snacks unnecessarily. Hence, water aids in weight loss.

Water is essential to maintain bowel habits, since it aids in the proper digestion of food and prevents constipation. Make sure you have a glass of water before every meal.

In addition to all these facts, water also helps in proper lubrication of the joints, which prevents strains. It helps maintain the ‘fluid-electrolyte’ balance that in turn avert early muscle fatigue.

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October 6th, 2013 at 3:44 pm

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Importance of drinking water

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Human beings need water to survive and carry out their day to day activities. Below we will see why water is essential for survival.

It is necessary for the proper function of the brain. A large percent of the brain nearly 90% is water. When the body is denied water, brain functioning is inhibited. Consequently, leads to one suffering from migraine. Other cells in the body as well require water to function effectively.


Water acts as a medium of transporting nutrients to the body. Since it is a solvent, the nutrients in food dissolve in it and are distributed throughout the body. Water is the medium in which protein digestion takes place for the nutrients to be solely absorbed into the body.

Regulation of body temperature is the other function of water. This occurs in different ways. First, through sweat whereby water evaporates from the body. This brings about a homeostatic cooling effect to the body as well as toxic removal. Also, it is a good storage of heat which ensures temperature balance in the body.

Furthermore, it protects vital organs like spinal cord in the body by acting as a lubricant. This reduces the chances of arthritis and back pain. Organs like the eyes are protected against shock which can cause damage.

Re-hydration is the other purpose of water. We lose a lot of water through sweating urination and diarrhea. Due to the vigorous activities in our day to day activities, we tend to lose water which should be replenished. It is, therefore, advisable to take water to restore the lost fluids.

Lastly, it helps in digestion. When the food is broken down, water is needed to dissolve the minerals and some other nutrients. Some vitamins need to dissolve in water in order to be transported to the target organs.

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March 16th, 2013 at 8:46 am

Learn how to prepare and oral rehydration solution

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Oral re-hydration therapy, is a salt sugar solution, given to rehydrate an individual, especially children dehydrated from diarrhea, or given to replace lost fluid and electrolytes during diarrhea to prevent dehydration.



Items needed for oral re-hydration therapy preparation;



A clean bowl

Stiring spoon

Measuring spoon

A clean pot

A calibrated jug


How to prepare ORS at home;

Wash your hands with clean water and soap. Wash utensils with soap and clean water. Measure one liter of water and pour into the pot boil and allow cooling. Put eight leveled tablespoons of sugar into the bowl. Add one leveled spoon of salt. Pour boiled water into the bowl containing salt, and sugar, and stir. Give this solution to the child in place of water as often as needed and discard the remaining one at the end of the day.

Note; the above solution is adequate for mild diarrhea without serious electrolyte loss, as it does not contain the crucial electrolyte potassium.

To add potassium in the solution, add one spoon of baking soda (not baking powder), and 8 ounces of fresh 100% orange juice filtered.

How to administer;

Babies; give 300-500mls of the solution to babies and toddlers.

Children; give one liter of solution to children

Adult; give three liters of solution to adults

Uttermost care should be observed when making this solution, as it is one of the reasons why home treatment for diarrhea fails is incorrectly made solution

Too much sugar, in the solution, can increase the diarrhea by causing the lumen of the intestines to absorb more water, and too much salt can cause imbalanced electrolyte levels.

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March 15th, 2013 at 10:05 pm