Pumpkin seeds are good for health

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Like every seed has its own peculiarity, Pumpkin seeds also have their own. These are alkaline-forming which is unlike many other diets that are highly acidic in nature. Pumpkin seeds taste very good. Most people enjoy eating them. when you soak them for six hours or so, you will see that they become easily digestible.  Let us learn some interesting health benefits of pumpkin seeds that’ll help you understand its significance in your diet:

Firstly, pumpkin seeds are rich in many vital minerals such as, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper. Not only minerals but also vitamins such as vitamin K. these seeds possess phytosterols which have the property to lower down your bad cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterols are low density lipoproteins which increase your rik of cardiovascular diseases. Pumpkin seeds also possess amino acid tryptophan which has the property of boosting quality of sleep and also of help cope up with depression. Serotonin is a derivative of tryptophan that has a major role in pleasure feeling and quality sleep. Pumpkin seeds are high in vital macronutrient zinc which is basic need of the body to perform perfectly. Zinc is said to protect you from weak and porous bones. Vitamin E is also present in pumpkin seeds and it is said that this vitamin has anti-oxidant properties that help your body cells to cope up with oxidative damage of free radicals.  These alkaline forming seeds are also rich in B complex vitamins and folic acids. These are good source of proteins and they also help you stay away from kidney stones. It is also good for prostrate health.


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