Preparing Yourself For South Beach Diet

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southbeachdietSeveral celebrities have attested to have lost weight and maintained a healthy figure by following strict diet plans, and South Beach Diet is among the popular ones. This type of diet was originally created to reduce the chances of developing heart diseases, especially among people who have pre-existing conditions that make them more vulnerable to cardiovascular conditions. However, words on the effectiveness of such diet to shred weight easily became popular, thus making more people adhere to the diet.

Although South Beach Diet is definitely one of the fastest ways to lose weight, it’s not as easy as some celebrities make it look. It requires drastic lifestyle change, which most people may not be prepared for right away. As a result, some people who tried the diet eventually quit. Certain preparations, both psychological and physical needs to be done in order to really live by the requirements of South Beach diet.

South Beach Diet gets rid of bad cholesterol and infuses more good cholesterol into the blood stream. This means that any food that contains saturated fat and trans fat will be strictly eliminated from the diet. This can be quite tough for a person who consumes a typical American diet. The entire diet plan is divided into three phases, and the toughest among these phases is the first one, or the first two weeks into the diet. According to people who have tried the diet, surviving the first phase will help make the remaining two phases easier.

During the first two weeks into the South Beach Diet, all food with sugar (including fruits and high-glycemic vegetables) and processed carbohydrate content will be taken off the diet. This means a drastic change in one’s eating habits, and this is exactly the stage that you have to be ready for.

Fitness experts suggest that in order to be successful in a diet attempt, a person needs to determine their exact weight loss goals first. This means that part of the alessandraambrosiobodypreparation is to know how many pounds you want to lose, and a realistic timeline for you to achieve it. Without these, it would be more difficult to sustain a diet plan like South Beach Diet.

Considering that South Beach Diet takes away several food that the body is used to, it also pays to be keener on other aspects that will help keep your energy on a normal level. Compensate the loss of carbohydrates and sugar by constantly hydrating yourself and getting enough rest. Thorough research also plays a crucial role in surviving the first two weeks of the diet. Find fun recipes that will still help you enjoy your new diet plan. It should seem as natural as possible to prevent feelings of deprivation, which may only result to binge eating when not prevented.

Other tips given by South Beach dieter is to actually have an entire weekend as your cheat day. During these days, you can eat to your heart’s content, until you feel guilty. According to them, this will increase the motivation to take South Beach Diet seriously. Indulge, since once you start with the diet, there will be no cheat day, at least for the next two weeks.

Like in any fitness attempts, having a buddy will make it easier to survive a new diet. With this, it is best to find someone who is as willing as you are to try out South Beach Diet, so you can both motivate each other to follow a meal plan, and even to try new recipes.

The next two phases of South Beach diet are certainly more liberal than the first one, so if you survived the first two weeks, chances are you will just be enjoying the remaining phases, and might even adopt South Beach Diet as your lifetime eating plan.

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November 7th, 2013 at 8:35 pm

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