Mushrooms – a must in a vegetarian diet

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Mushrooms have been used in our diet for many centuries, even though they can be deadly if mistaken, our ancestors were eating many mushrooms and passed their knowledge through generations. Picking mushrooms today is quite safe, you can check if they are good in many books and on the internet, but there are also many people today who know and recognize poisonous from edible sorts, so you can always ask a mushroom hunter. Of course today you do need to go for picking, they can be bought anywhere.


Mushrooms should be on anyone’s table, but they especially should be on vegetarian’s table. There are over 100.000 species of mushrooms, but most of them are poisonous. This is a reason why you should not pick up mushrooms unless you are certain. Mushrooms are packed with many essential nutrients; they are full of proteins, essential amino acids and carbs, they also have vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms are rich sources of the vitamin B complex, and the provitamins of the vitamin D. Minerals contained in mushrooms are potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Mushrooms are great natural way to boost your immune system and help prevent tumors and malign diseases. They also help prevent blood clotting and reduce the risk of thrombosis. They improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure, they also lower cholesterol and help maintain good health of your liver.  Many mushrooms have antibacterial qualities, and some mushrooms are very efficient in the fight with bronchitis, as well for prevention of bronchitis or other respiratory system.  Today, mostly used for their nutritional value but also as a natural health medicine, are the three most famous mushrooms from China, shitake, maitake and reishi. These three mushrooms have all the above mentioned qualities and nutrients plus many more, they are also delicious and can be combined with many other foods.

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May 2nd, 2013 at 6:24 pm

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