Management of diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic health situation, in which there is a high-level of glucose in the blood. There are basically two types of this condition, based on the pathogenesis. So many factors such as nutrition, weight and others have been associated with this condition

Diabetes to also believed to have some genetic origin, in a situation where by a member of the family is affected, the condition can be transferred from one generation to another.

There are three major ways or methods that have been proved to be effective as far as managing this disease is concerned. They include diet , exercise and medication. Healthy eating is very important as far as controlling diabetes in concerned. How much one eats ,the time and the type of food eating is also another determinant factor in regulating your blood sugar level. One needs to have a set time or a schedule for eating that they will stick to and then to ensure that they eat a well balance diet with all the nutrients present and at controlled quantity as overfeeding could have a negative effect as far management of the disease is concerned.

Exercise is also very vital for the diabetic patients and so one needs to talk to their doctors on the type of exercises and when to do them as this could greatly affect the levels of the glucose in the blood. Some exercises are strenuous and might not be recommended for particular patients while some are less stressful and in-addition it is important for one to stay hydrated and maybe take some small snacks in between the exercise in-case the blood sugar goes down below normal levels.


The common medication for diabetes on insulin depending on the type of diabetes and other drugs that are able to lower your levels of glucose down to normal levels and so it is important for one to discuss with their doctors on the right choice of medication.


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