Learn how to prepare and oral rehydration solution

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Oral re-hydration therapy, is a salt sugar solution, given to rehydrate an individual, especially children dehydrated from diarrhea, or given to replace lost fluid and electrolytes during diarrhea to prevent dehydration.



Items needed for oral re-hydration therapy preparation;



A clean bowl

Stiring spoon

Measuring spoon

A clean pot

A calibrated jug


How to prepare ORS at home;

Wash your hands with clean water and soap. Wash utensils with soap and clean water. Measure one liter of water and pour into the pot boil and allow cooling. Put eight leveled tablespoons of sugar into the bowl. Add one leveled spoon of salt. Pour boiled water into the bowl containing salt, and sugar, and stir. Give this solution to the child in place of water as often as needed and discard the remaining one at the end of the day.

Note; the above solution is adequate for mild diarrhea without serious electrolyte loss, as it does not contain the crucial electrolyte potassium.

To add potassium in the solution, add one spoon of baking soda (not baking powder), and 8 ounces of fresh 100% orange juice filtered.

How to administer;

Babies; give 300-500mls of the solution to babies and toddlers.

Children; give one liter of solution to children

Adult; give three liters of solution to adults

Uttermost care should be observed when making this solution, as it is one of the reasons why home treatment for diarrhea fails is incorrectly made solution

Too much sugar, in the solution, can increase the diarrhea by causing the lumen of the intestines to absorb more water, and too much salt can cause imbalanced electrolyte levels.

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