It’s Picnic Time!

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Summer is just about here and families are beginning to head outdoors for sports, hiking, swimming and of course, picnics! Whether it’s a simple family picnic at the park or a romantic event for two there is something magical about finding that perfect spot underneath a shady tree, spreading out the blanket and enjoying a meal outside with a nice cool breeze, the sounds of children playing and your bare feet in the grass.

Enjoy the outdoors this summer safely by making sure that your picnic foods are kept cold and properly stored. Food left out, particularly foods containing mayonnaise can spoil quickly, resulting in food poisoning, which is no fun at all. When bringing home leftovers be aware that if the ice you kept your food cold with is melted, the food should not be eaten and should be thrown away.

Make sure you pack sunscreen and a first aid kit if you are going to be trekking anywhere and possibly insect repellent. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and remember to keep any fruit juices cold and out of the sun. Better yet, freeze them; they will stay cold longer and help keep other foods chilled.


Avoid sticky, messy foods if possible, they attract bees and create more cleanup. Opt for low-mess finger foods and sweets that won’t melt or go bad quickly. Opt for lightweight cutlery and containers, especially if you have to hike to where you are going. While picnic baskets look nice they are bulky and heavy, try using insulated totes that can fold up after you are done with them. Don’t bring too much food; you don’t want to have to carry it back!

With a little planning and imagination, you can enjoy the perfect outdoor feast, creating fond summer memories for you and your family.

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April 17th, 2013 at 1:58 pm

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