How to Import Proteins in Your Food

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If you don’t eat meat, than you must take an effort and plan your menu because you need to have a normal intake of proteins if you want to build your muscles. Vegetarians need to take care, because they may suffer from loss of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 which can be bad for your organism.

These advices will be of a great help for vegetarians.


Every day on adult person must intake somewhere around 1.5 to 2 grams of proteins per kilogram of its bodyweight. There is no scientific proof that more than 2 grams of proteins can make something more for the muscles. You can take proteins in many forms from very different types of food like fat free milk and products made from soybean. You can find proteins in these vegetarian foods.

Milk – 200ml

Tofu, 80 gr

Yoghurt, 200 ml

Cheese, 80 gr

Peanut butter – 2 tea spoons

How to import iron in our organism

If you eat fish or chicken than you can easily put some proteins in your organism, but if you don’t you must find something that will replace them. Our bodies absorb the iron from the vegetables as easy as it absorbs it from meat. Best sources if iron are vegetables, bean, dried fruits, cereal and figs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C from different kind of fruits and vegetables helps vegetarians absorb the iron from products easily and that`s why you need to combine more products.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 can be found only in product from animals and is a nutrition that lacks to sport vegetarians. Every human body needs around 2.4 micrograms of B12 vitamin per day. It can be found in Soy milk and cereals, eggs cheese, milk and yoghurt.

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