How Good Your Taste on Caviar?

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There is nothing better than enjoying delicate caviar with best serving. If you love cooking, trying various recipes of caviar will be the best thing to do so that you and your family can enjoy having dinner like being in five star restaurants. The best quality of caviar is always available worldwide and it is best served with lightly toasted and buttered crackers or bread.

These days, the price of fine caviar is increasing significantly because of the rare eggs of the sturgeon, the fish in which their eggs are made as an hors d’oeuvre. One of the very popular caviar is the Royal Osetra. It is from the eggs of sturgeon found on the Caspian Sea-Russian waters. What makes it special is its rich and dark colors which can indicate the rich flavor as well. It is almost sweet though it does not taste sugary.

However, there is popular caviar, which is made from salmon fish. Red caviar is the best to describe it in which it is delectable with good servings. Its flavor is preserved with salt in which you should only add hors d’oeuvre with various varieties by spreading on top of it. Yet, the eggs for caviar are not only limited from salmon and sturgeon. There are some other fish like whitefish, lumpfish, and paddlefish. There is no shortage of having delicious caviar as long as those various fish species continue laying eggs by squeezing the eggs or roe out.

Are you trying to find rare caviar? Then you might want to try the grey caviar with the distinctive, almost-translucent the Tzar Imperial Beluga. As the name implies, it is lovable among those rich and wealthy people from high class society because of its special buttery taste. Its excellent pearls are great and this is the reason why it becomes the most favorite and expensive caviar.

So, which caviar that has won your heart?

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