How Good is Your Awareness on Your Vitamin Intake?

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Most of us are aware that vitamins are obtained from the food that we consume. However, we seem to be in a bad need of additional vitamins and minerals these days because of free radicals around us. This is the time when we need additional supplement for fulfilling our bodies’ need of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are the main energy sources. We can just skip consuming proteins, fats or carbohydrates though we still need them. But if we have no adequate vitamins intake, then our body cannot process metabolism and other important processes that our bodies required.

We have to consume important vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B vitamin, vitamin C, vitamins D, vitamin E, and definitely vitamin K. It is wise to consume them daily in form of supplements which are sold on drug stores. Yet, we have various choices when it comes to vitamins groups. They are categorized as water-soluble and fat-soluble. As the name implies, you have guessed it right that the first category is the one which is dissolved in water. It means, when a human’s body has done its metabolism process, there will be expelling process of the unused vitamins through the urine.

The second category of vitamin is hard to get rid off from a human’s body. For example, when you ingest too much of fat-soluble vitamins, your body is hard for getting rid of the vitamin’s excess. It has strong tendency of toxic which can be harmful for your body. So, it is best to have recommended allowance of dietary from your doctor or other medical experts so that you know that you get adequate vitamins amount without taking high amounts dangerously.

There are several liquid formulations of vitamins and minerals which are available these days, and you can just choose which ones that suit best for your body condition. Most of those liquid multivitamins were made from thorough researches and they are composed of the strictly selected, finest substances. You should make lots of comparisons before choosing one because you should avoid the risk of choosing wrong kinds of multivitamins.

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June 5th, 2013 at 6:39 pm

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