Foods for strong bones

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Healthy strong bones are a blessing. You have got to take care of your bone health because bones help you stand, walk, move and do any sort of work. Children and teens who are in the phase of reaching their puberty need more care because this is the period of their bone growth. Women who have had their menopause also need sufficient bone care.

Following is what is necessary for your bones and you need to add them to your diet.

Milk is a must:

What makes bones stronger and hard? Calcium is the component of bones that you need to take in good amount. Milk is a best source of calcium. There are many forms of milk available and it is upto you to choose which ever form of milk you’d like to add to your diet.


Don’t like milk? Don’t give up. There are many other calcium sources that you can go for. Cheese is a delicious and yum alternate for milk. If you like cheese, good for you.  a milk drinker? A cup of yogurt has at least as much calcium as an 8-ounce cup of milk. Yogurt is also a great option.

Veggies rich in calcium:

Do you know cabbage and kale contain calcium? You should definitely add them to your diet.


Almonds, fish oil, salmon are great for bones for they are rich in calcium and vitamin D

Other foods for strong bones are walnuts, spinach, flaxseeds and sunlight. Sunlight, though not a food, but it gives vitamin D.



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