Fill Up Your Kitchen with Only Nutritious, Delicious Ingredients

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We might end up feeling confused about what to keep on our kitchen. Most of the time, we prefer to buy processed food so that we do not have to waste too much time in preparing meals for our family. This is a very bad habit that everyone should be aware. As grown up people, we should have known that processed food causes high risk to humans’ health. Human beings are getting older and they need to consume healthy food for keeping brains premature aging.

Before making any recipe, you should include several important foods, include:

Fish and Sardines

Everyone knows that fish and all kinds of sardines have high levels of DHA, EFA and surely the great fatty acids omega-3. Kids are not the only creatures who need those substances but older people should also consume them as they can improve brain’s capability in memorizing and focusing. There will be fewer risk of Alzheimer and dementia for those who consume them regularly. Fish are very easy to prepare and they are delicious as well.


Strawberries and Avocados

Almost all kinds of fruits are rich of nutrients and antioxidants, but strawberries are richer. Prepare strawberry juice or include it in your salad for your desserts, then you already get many benefits in avoiding premature aging, free radicals and better brain memory. The same thing applies to avocadoes as this healthy green fruit is the best source of calories and monounsaturated fat. Many people avoid this fruit as they think that it is fatty. So, do not miss a glass of avocado juice each day for your better blood circulation.

Red Meat

Wait. I know that you are surprised why this food is included in the list. Proper consumption of red meat is good for some people whose bodies cannot produce natural Acetyl-L-carnitine. However, we can also consume some slices in our lunch menus.

So, explore your creativity in making the best and healthiest recipes for you and your family!

Avocado Strawberry Toss

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