Exercising and hot weather

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Woman Drinking Water After Exercise

When the temperatures are very high, exercising outside may be a real treat for your health. Protect yourself from the hot weather with some nice and easy clothes and drink more liquids, the most important is to stay home in the hottest hours.

Drink enough liquids even if you don’t feel any thirst. Exercising when the weather is hot makes big stress to your body and your lungs. The exercises and the warm weather affect your body temperature.

When you feel warmer than usual than more blood circulates through your skin, because of that less blood goes in your vital organs and the heart beat rises. If the humidity in the air is high, your body is under big stress and in this case the sweat can’t go easily through the skin and that’s why your body temperature rises. In normal occasions, your skin, blood vessels and breathing adjusts to the heat. But when it is extremely hot and there is high humidity in the air this protective system fails and can`t work normally. To maintain your body in to a normal, while you exercise on hot weather you need to follow these advices.

Start slowly, if you are not used to exercise in closed places or on colder weather, start slowly and as your body accustoms to the heat, slowly raise the tempo of the exercises.

Drink lot of fluids. Drink enough fluids while you exercise, even if you don`t feel any thirst. If you plan to exercise for longer time or with a higher intensity it is not a bad idea to consume more sports drinks. These drinks will renew the sodium and the potassium, lost with the fitness.

Wear nice and easy clothes which will ease the sweating if the temperatures are very high. Avoid dark color clothes which absorb heat.

Avoid exercising on noon. Exercise on the morning or the evening when the weather is colder. If you have chance always exercise in shadow or in a pool.

Use sun protection creams. Sunburns reduce the ability of the body to cool itself.

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