Do you get enough sleep?

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Sleep is very important to the human body and when one is deprived of it, many problems to the body could occur as well as various complications in extreme cases. Again, the amount of sleep as well as the quality is very important and might vary from one person to another. Some of the side-effects and complications as a result of sleep deprivation include:

(a) General irritability, weakness in your muscles, your speech will become slurred and will also experience some blurred vision as well as headaches every now and then.

(b) Your risk for heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases is greatly increased for those that continually have problems with sleep. Those that do not get the proper amount of sleep that their body requires.

(c) There will be a decrease in your productivity and in your alertness is another major side-effect of sleep deprivation. Your ability to stay alert will be compromised hence reducing your productivity as our daily activities are concerned. Some of the mistakes that we do and accidents that occur could have been avoided if we had gotten quality sleep.

(d) Your immunity and entire defense system of your body is at great risk whenever we are deprived of sleep making you prone to diseases as the threshold for sickness is low.

(a) It has been found that some of the mental problems are as a results of continually sleep deprivation and so psychiatrists would thoroughly examine the client as well as get to know how much of sleep the client gets on a daily basis.

(b) In children that have less sleep over time, disease conditions like hyperactive and attention deficit hyperactive disorders could develop. Their attention span and activity will be affected greatly by the amount of sleep they get and so it is important that the caregivers ensure that our kids get the most sleep essential for their age requirement.

(c) The worst complication is when some of our bodily functions are shut down as a result if a defense mechanism from continuous sleep deprivation leading to a condition called sleep deprived coma.

In conclusion; sleep on its own is therapeutic as well as prophylactic to the human person and so everyone should get the most out of it.


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March 11th, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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