Do I Need a Check-Up? 3 Reasons Why Employers Use Workplace Medical Testing

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When we think of jobs requiring a medical exam, we tend to imagine soldiers and police officers — both physically-demanding jobs that call for a high degree of fitness. But these aren’t the only positions where employers use workplace medical testing to assess the health of their workers. Read on to learn three reasons why your employer might ask for a medical test, and go to https://www.drivercheck.ca/ for workplace medical testing in Canada.

Workplace Medical Testing to Assess Fitness

Not all jobs require workers to be in peak physical shape, but many do entail fast reflexes and good coordination. When these positions put safety on the line, employers often test workers for medical fitness before and during employment.

In Canada, for example, the Civil Aviation Medicine Branch of Transport Canada appoints and employs doctors who check aviation personnel (like pilots) for medical conditions. In Ontario, all commercial truck drivers must pass a basic medical and vision test in order to prove they are fit to operate motor vehicles safely. The American Department of Transportation imposes similar standards.

While not a strict requirement, many construction firms opt to test labourers who will be working in safety-sensitive roles such as equipment operators and working at heights.

Hearing Test

If you’ve ever worked in a factory or a workshop with heavy machinery, you have probably worn ear protection during the course of your work. Long-term exposure to noise can cause hearing loss, and employers are required to take measures to control noise in order to protect their workers.

To make sure noise control measures are working as intended, employers use workplace medical testing to check your hearing at different points in time. A decline in hearing could indicate problems that need to be addressed.

Respiratory Testing

Air quality is a serious concern in many workplaces, especially those where employees work with lab animals, glues or resins, latex, spray paint, or are exposed to dust. Exposure to airborne particles can lead to serious illness and lung disease.

To detect early signs of respiratory issues in the workplace, employers may employ respiratory testing to assess employees’ lung function. This may include pulmonary function testing and chest x-rays to detect potential lung issues at the early stages.

Go to https://www.drivercheck.ca/ for workplace medical testing, including hearing and respiratory testing.

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