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How to Import Proteins in Your Food

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If you don’t eat meat, than you must take an effort and plan your menu because you need to have a normal intake of proteins if you want to build your muscles. Vegetarians need to take care, because they may suffer from loss of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 which can be bad for your organism.

These advices will be of a great help for vegetarians.


Every day on adult person must intake somewhere around 1.5 to 2 grams of proteins per kilogram of its bodyweight. There is no scientific proof that more than 2 grams of proteins can make something more for the muscles. You can take proteins in many forms from very different types of food like fat free milk and products made from soybean. You can find proteins in these vegetarian foods.

Milk – 200ml

Tofu, 80 gr

Yoghurt, 200 ml

Cheese, 80 gr

Peanut butter – 2 tea spoons

How to import iron in our organism

If you eat fish or chicken than you can easily put some proteins in your organism, but if you don’t you must find something that will replace them. Our bodies absorb the iron from the vegetables as easy as it absorbs it from meat. Best sources if iron are vegetables, bean, dried fruits, cereal and figs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C from different kind of fruits and vegetables helps vegetarians absorb the iron from products easily and that`s why you need to combine more products.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 can be found only in product from animals and is a nutrition that lacks to sport vegetarians. Every human body needs around 2.4 micrograms of B12 vitamin per day. It can be found in Soy milk and cereals, eggs cheese, milk and yoghurt.

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Is It Possible to Bodybuild for Vegans?

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A person is facing a dilemma when he is a bodybuilder and he wants to be a vegetarian. He will think that he is going to reduce some protein and fats intake. On the other hand, it is good in applying a vegetarian lifestyle because there will be abundant benefits that one can get. Yet, any bodybuilder or athlete still can do one’s regular activity in exercising and bodybuilding.

Being a vegetarian will not stop anyone to keep enlarging or strengthening one’s muscles through bodybuilding activities. Some people think that they will lose their ability and half of their power in gaining muscles because of the reduced amount of nutrients and proteins. Basically, a vegan is still able to get good resources of proteins and other nutritious food in which one can get it from soy and dairy products as well as eggs. It is better to eat both the yellow and white eggs so that there will be higher protein that one will get.

Fruits are also essentials because a vegetarian still needs more vitamins from fruits. They can get higher immune system by consuming fruits which are rich of antioxidants like kiwis, oranges or avocados. As a vegetarian, carbohydrates are also needed because when they are broken down, they will become glucose which can stimulate muscles and energy for adding abodybuilding activities routine.

The last thing to

  • Fats

Good fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated are good for the heart, cholesterol and overall well-being. This is also a requirement in bodybuilding.

Foundations in Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Vegetarian diet can be formulated to achieve the same results as meat-based diet, perhaps with better long-term health consequences. There are four foundations in vegetarian lifestyle that is very important in bodybuilding and these are stated below.

  • Protein

Proteins help the muscles to grow and recover quickly before and after the workout. The problem in bodybuilding as a vegetarian is that protein is typically found in meats. Therefore, vegetarians have already lost the chance to gain proteins from one of its best sources. However, vegetarians are fortunate enough as there are soy products, eggs and dairy, nuts, legumes and grains which are good alternative sources of proteins for vegetarian bodybuilders.

With the proper amount of consumption of the nutrients stated above, being a vegetarian bodybuilder is possible. Many bodybuilders today are already vegetarian, and they keep their body firm and well-structured by getting all the nutrients above, including protein, from fruits and vegetables.

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Is Your Vegetarian Menu Boring?

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You might have decided to become a vegetarian and you have made up your mind that you only consume bread, beans, fruits, and surely vegetables. Things go well in the first and second month and then you feel bored of eating the same menus every day. If you are one of those vegans who want to have varied vegetarian menus, what you need is exploring more options of consuming healthy and tasty foods with simple preparation.

Whole-grain products should be on the top priority list. Such products actually are varied in tastes and forms. It is best to make as many explorations as possible to all grocery stores. This is to avoid feeling bored of becoming vegans. Vegetarian foods are actually available in almost all supermarkets though bigger markets usually have special kiosks for vegetarian dishes which are not commonly found in regular markets.


Just try to mix and match some vegetables and fruits after you cut them in slices. Mix them with red beans or canned beans while enjoy them with vegetarian mayonnaise or tomato sauce. Try other alternative like enjoying pasta and grain with organic spinach for varied menus. When it comes to milk options, you still can enjoy soy milk or soy cheeses or low-fat milk. They are still very nutritious to replace your regular milk.

It is not hard of maintaining good habit as a vegetarian as long as you can be more creative in finding delectable foods which are categorized into vegan meals. It is true that processed or canned foods contain preservatives, but you can just try them occasionally without leaving fresh vegetables for granted. Sometimes, vegetarians run out of ideas on how to prepare mouthwatering vegan menus as they think that there are limited kinds of vegetables .With more exploration, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle for good.


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Never Regret Your Decision as A Vegetarian!

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Being a vegetarian is not an extraordinary thing though it can be very tempting to do. Most of us love to consume meat and it is hard to leave it while consume only vegetables. This is why some people who want to change their lifestyle eating habit may turn to be a semi vegetarian. They can just consume seafood and fish as the supplementary besides vegetables and fruit.

Do we have to be a vegetarian to be totally healthy, both inside and outside? Actually, when we consume veggies and fruits, we have been successfully increasing our immune system because of the high antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. Besides, we can avoid eating junk food which can lead to various serious diseases like cancer, stroke that is the source of body disorders like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol.

Yet, some people who decide to be a vegetarian can end up in failure because they might be applying wrong methods. It is important to find out what to consume when you are in the first effort of a vegetarian diet. Do you want to lose weight, you want to avoid serious diseases, or you want to make your body clean without consuming any meat or other kinds of ‘animal’ vase food. It is important to get advices from medical experts or your doctors to know which kind of vegetarian diets that you need. If you want to be a vegetarian for detox purposes, then you will be given some menus to consume during your diet and the menus can be different with those who fight against obesity.

Whatever the purposes are, consuming higher amount of vegetables compared to meat can bring major impact on one’s health. Not only he or she is feeling healthy all the time, but he or she can get higher level of energy that he or she never experiences when consuming meat.

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June 5th, 2013 at 6:45 pm

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Mushrooms – a must in a vegetarian diet

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Mushrooms have been used in our diet for many centuries, even though they can be deadly if mistaken, our ancestors were eating many mushrooms and passed their knowledge through generations. Picking mushrooms today is quite safe, you can check if they are good in many books and on the internet, but there are also many people today who know and recognize poisonous from edible sorts, so you can always ask a mushroom hunter. Of course today you do need to go for picking, they can be bought anywhere.


Mushrooms should be on anyone’s table, but they especially should be on vegetarian’s table. There are over 100.000 species of mushrooms, but most of them are poisonous. This is a reason why you should not pick up mushrooms unless you are certain. Mushrooms are packed with many essential nutrients; they are full of proteins, essential amino acids and carbs, they also have vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms are rich sources of the vitamin B complex, and the provitamins of the vitamin D. Minerals contained in mushrooms are potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Mushrooms are great natural way to boost your immune system and help prevent tumors and malign diseases. They also help prevent blood clotting and reduce the risk of thrombosis. They improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure, they also lower cholesterol and help maintain good health of your liver.  Many mushrooms have antibacterial qualities, and some mushrooms are very efficient in the fight with bronchitis, as well for prevention of bronchitis or other respiratory system.  Today, mostly used for their nutritional value but also as a natural health medicine, are the three most famous mushrooms from China, shitake, maitake and reishi. These three mushrooms have all the above mentioned qualities and nutrients plus many more, they are also delicious and can be combined with many other foods.

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