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What is the Best Indoor Herb Grower for Small Apartments?

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For those of us who don’t have balconies, indoor herb growers are the best thing in gardening since Miracle-Gro. But the best models don’t come cheap. Which one is worth your hard-earned buck? Here, I’ll dissect customer reviews to determine which is the best indoor herb grower for small apartments.

AeroGarden Ultra

Produced by AeroGrow, this particular model is the top-rated herb grower on Amazon. It boasts a powerful 30-watt LED light tuned to the ideal light spectrum for plants. There are seven ‘pods’ in which to grow plants, and the Amazon model includes Basil, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Chives and Dill seeds.

The reviews emphasize how easy the AeroGarden is to use, along with the durability of its construction (great to know, since that LED lamp neck looks a bit flimsy in the picture.)

But is it good at growing plants? The reviews on this are a bit mixed. Many buyers report that plants on one side do better than the others, indicating an LED lighting imbalance or uneven water distribution. There are also complaints about its supposedly ‘smart’ electronic controls being lackluster.

Regardless, if the customer photos are any indication, the AeroGarden can grow some big, healthy-looking plants under the right conditions. Considering the modest price, its definitely an herb grower worth considering, even if it isn’t the best indoor herb grower on the market.

IKEA VAXER/KRYDDA Hydroponic Growth Kits

I was stoked when I heard IKEA was releasing a hydroponic growth kit back in 2016. I also thought to myself, “This thing will be everywhere a year from now.” IKEA has a knack for bringing niche things into the mainstream, so I figured the same thing would happen with indoor herb growing systems.

Two years on, we hardly hear about the VAXER and KRYDDA. What happened?

Well, for one, it turns out the kit never hit North American shores. But there are some reviews of the products in English, which point out:

  • An impressive build quality considering the price
  • A convenient tray/propagator system (which boasts far more growing space than the tiny AeroGrow Ultra)
  • Easy management and adjustment for hydroponics beginners.

There are a few complaints, however. First, the growing units are spaced very close together, leaving little room for your plants to grow big and leafy. The LED height is not adjustable, limiting what you can grow. Finally, the seeds that come packaged with the kit are apparently lousy (though they’re not really what you’re paying for when you buy a system like this).

As for the design, it’s not quite as compact nor aesthetically pleasing as the AeroGarden models, but it does fare better in terms of functionality.

Danby Fresh

If you can afford it, Danby’s Fresh Home Herb Grower ranks as one of the best indoor herb growers, period. Unlike the models mentioned above, it provides ventilation and climate control features (which plants love, since most prefer moister climates than what Canada has to offer). The unit comes with adjustable shelves rather than fixed growing units, so you can grow plants in whatever size or configuration you want so long as it fits.

Above all else, I love how sturdy and durable this unit is compared to other herb growers. There’s no chance you’ll knock this thing off the counter-top, and it protects your plants from pets, which are both problems I’ve had when it comes to growing herbs in the past.

The only downside is the cost: Danby’s herb grower is costly at $258 CDN. But I suspect it’ll last a lot longer than a small counter-top model will.

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September 14th, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Fill Up Your Kitchen with Only Nutritious, Delicious Ingredients

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We might end up feeling confused about what to keep on our kitchen. Most of the time, we prefer to buy processed food so that we do not have to waste too much time in preparing meals for our family. This is a very bad habit that everyone should be aware. As grown up people, we should have known that processed food causes high risk to humans’ health. Human beings are getting older and they need to consume healthy food for keeping brains premature aging.

Before making any recipe, you should include several important foods, include:

Fish and Sardines

Everyone knows that fish and all kinds of sardines have high levels of DHA, EFA and surely the great fatty acids omega-3. Kids are not the only creatures who need those substances but older people should also consume them as they can improve brain’s capability in memorizing and focusing. There will be fewer risk of Alzheimer and dementia for those who consume them regularly. Fish are very easy to prepare and they are delicious as well.


Strawberries and Avocados

Almost all kinds of fruits are rich of nutrients and antioxidants, but strawberries are richer. Prepare strawberry juice or include it in your salad for your desserts, then you already get many benefits in avoiding premature aging, free radicals and better brain memory. The same thing applies to avocadoes as this healthy green fruit is the best source of calories and monounsaturated fat. Many people avoid this fruit as they think that it is fatty. So, do not miss a glass of avocado juice each day for your better blood circulation.

Red Meat

Wait. I know that you are surprised why this food is included in the list. Proper consumption of red meat is good for some people whose bodies cannot produce natural Acetyl-L-carnitine. However, we can also consume some slices in our lunch menus.

So, explore your creativity in making the best and healthiest recipes for you and your family!

Avocado Strawberry Toss

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July 21st, 2013 at 4:20 pm

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How Good Your Taste on Caviar?

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There is nothing better than enjoying delicate caviar with best serving. If you love cooking, trying various recipes of caviar will be the best thing to do so that you and your family can enjoy having dinner like being in five star restaurants. The best quality of caviar is always available worldwide and it is best served with lightly toasted and buttered crackers or bread.

These days, the price of fine caviar is increasing significantly because of the rare eggs of the sturgeon, the fish in which their eggs are made as an hors d’oeuvre. One of the very popular caviar is the Royal Osetra. It is from the eggs of sturgeon found on the Caspian Sea-Russian waters. What makes it special is its rich and dark colors which can indicate the rich flavor as well. It is almost sweet though it does not taste sugary.

However, there is popular caviar, which is made from salmon fish. Red caviar is the best to describe it in which it is delectable with good servings. Its flavor is preserved with salt in which you should only add hors d’oeuvre with various varieties by spreading on top of it. Yet, the eggs for caviar are not only limited from salmon and sturgeon. There are some other fish like whitefish, lumpfish, and paddlefish. There is no shortage of having delicious caviar as long as those various fish species continue laying eggs by squeezing the eggs or roe out.

Are you trying to find rare caviar? Then you might want to try the grey caviar with the distinctive, almost-translucent the Tzar Imperial Beluga. As the name implies, it is lovable among those rich and wealthy people from high class society because of its special buttery taste. Its excellent pearls are great and this is the reason why it becomes the most favorite and expensive caviar.

So, which caviar that has won your heart?

Written by Georgina

June 5th, 2013 at 6:40 pm

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Work Accident Compensation Claim: How it works

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Many accidents and personal injuries occur in the workplace but most people would not know what to do if something happened to them at work and what they have a right to, from their employer, in order to make sure their workplace is safe.

Employers have a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees which includes a responsibility for providing suitable first aid facilities and equipment, providing protective clothing as and when it is deemed necessary and conducting risk assessments on equipment in the workplace such as computers, chairs and desks. Employees should be aware that there is also a duty on them to take some responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others as well as working with their employer to ensure a safe workplace.

kitchen accidents

As well as the physical damage associated with suffering from a workplace injury, the other main consequences are financial. If your injury causes you to need time off from work, then in the short term you may need to claim Statutory Sick Pay. For those with more serious illness or injury, you may be able to claim other benefits if you need to be off work in the long-term, or if you have to stop working altogether. Claims for compensation against employers can be complex and should only be pursued by a specialist solicitor who will be able to advise you on how to make a Work Accident Compensation Claim. You may also be able to seek advice in the first instance from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or a trade union. Any award of compensation can be reduced if the court finds that as an employee, you somehow contributed towards your own injury.

If you are ever involved in a workplace accident or suffer from a work related illness or injury, it is vital that the details are reported to your employer as soon as possible. The details should be recorded in the company accident book or you can submit to your employer a detailed report of the incident and any injuries suffered. You must ensure that you see a doctor, as your records will be required in the event of a compensation claim or if you need to claim benefits. The Department for Work and Pensions should also be notified that you have suffered an industrial injury as this could help with any claim for state benefits.

If you are thinking about bringing a claim for compensation against your employer, you need to make sure you have a record of everything leading up to the claim, including what actually happened, as well as medical records and records of any state benefits which you may have claimed. There is no substitute for legal advice so it is vital to consult a solicitor with experience of compensation claims against employers for work-related illness and injury.

Vickie Day writes regularly on law for a range of legal websites and blogs. She is particularly keen on advising people on how to make a work accident compensation claim along with other personal injuries. 

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May 31st, 2013 at 8:13 am

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