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What is the Best Indoor Herb Grower for Small Apartments?

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For those of us who don’t have balconies, indoor herb growers are the best thing in gardening since Miracle-Gro. But the best models don’t come cheap. Which one is worth your hard-earned buck? Here, I’ll dissect customer reviews to determine which is the best indoor herb grower for small apartments.

AeroGarden Ultra

Produced by AeroGrow, this particular model is the top-rated herb grower on Amazon. It boasts a powerful 30-watt LED light tuned to the ideal light spectrum for plants. There are seven ‘pods’ in which to grow plants, and the Amazon model includes Basil, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Chives and Dill seeds.

The reviews emphasize how easy the AeroGarden is to use, along with the durability of its construction (great to know, since that LED lamp neck looks a bit flimsy in the picture.)

But is it good at growing plants? The reviews on this are a bit mixed. Many buyers report that plants on one side do better than the others, indicating an LED lighting imbalance or uneven water distribution. There are also complaints about its supposedly ‘smart’ electronic controls being lackluster.

Regardless, if the customer photos are any indication, the AeroGarden can grow some big, healthy-looking plants under the right conditions. Considering the modest price, its definitely an herb grower worth considering, even if it isn’t the best indoor herb grower on the market.

IKEA VAXER/KRYDDA Hydroponic Growth Kits

I was stoked when I heard IKEA was releasing a hydroponic growth kit back in 2016. I also thought to myself, “This thing will be everywhere a year from now.” IKEA has a knack for bringing niche things into the mainstream, so I figured the same thing would happen with indoor herb growing systems.

Two years on, we hardly hear about the VAXER and KRYDDA. What happened?

Well, for one, it turns out the kit never hit North American shores. But there are some reviews of the products in English, which point out:

  • An impressive build quality considering the price
  • A convenient tray/propagator system (which boasts far more growing space than the tiny AeroGrow Ultra)
  • Easy management and adjustment for hydroponics beginners.

There are a few complaints, however. First, the growing units are spaced very close together, leaving little room for your plants to grow big and leafy. The LED height is not adjustable, limiting what you can grow. Finally, the seeds that come packaged with the kit are apparently lousy (though they’re not really what you’re paying for when you buy a system like this).

As for the design, it’s not quite as compact nor aesthetically pleasing as the AeroGarden models, but it does fare better in terms of functionality.

Danby Fresh

If you can afford it, Danby’s Fresh Home Herb Grower ranks as one of the best indoor herb growers, period. Unlike the models mentioned above, it provides ventilation and climate control features (which plants love, since most prefer moister climates than what Canada has to offer). The unit comes with adjustable shelves rather than fixed growing units, so you can grow plants in whatever size or configuration you want so long as it fits.

Above all else, I love how sturdy and durable this unit is compared to other herb growers. There’s no chance you’ll knock this thing off the counter-top, and it protects your plants from pets, which are both problems I’ve had when it comes to growing herbs in the past.

The only downside is the cost: Danby’s herb grower is costly at $258 CDN. But I suspect it’ll last a lot longer than a small counter-top model will.

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September 14th, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Guidelines For The Best Headphones During Travel

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Flying may cause uneasiness – whether it be the long queues through security, the fast changes in air pressure when the plane is taking off or landing, or the thunder of the motor when you’re attempting to get the chance to rest. While taking medication, biting gum, or yawning, to soothe the weight from your ears may help anticipate or diminish this distress, tuning in to music with the best earphones helps in a different way for your psychological state. Tuning in to music mitigates and enables individuals to quiet down the mind, particularly when they experience disturbances in-flight. It also enables the traveler to overcome the trip by closing off their ears to the machine motor clamor, crying youngsters, and so forth.

Here are a few interesting points you should know before purchasing earphones for your next journey.

Sound Quality

Sound reproduction, clarity, balance, and bass – all these combined make for a magnificent sound quality! When purchasing earphones, think about the sound by testing them at the store. The sound should give a precise treble (most astounding pitch of sound) and bass (least pitch of sound) and be free of static.


The cost of the earphones ought to be justified regardless of its quality and fit the financial budget of the buyer. Typically, the pricier the earphones, the more features you ought to anticipate that it will have, which may or may not incorporate the best quality sound.

Noise Cancellation

Planes and airport terminals can be very loud with a steady stream of individuals, motor sounds, and announcements booming through speaker systems. Invest in a decent headset that has a feature to cancel noise. Noise cancelling headphones will make your waiting in any area more enjoyable.

Comfort & Style

You might also consider earphones that match your style. In-ear earphones might be somewhat of a trouble with regards to comfort, however, it offers better noise reduction and cancellation. Over-the-ear earphones may appear somewhat off, style-wise, however, it offers more solace and less strain to the internal ear.

Sound Leaking

Tuning in to music is great and all aside from when it’s too loud and people can hear what you’re listening to. Great quality earphones don’t release sound and can even offset clamor from your outside condition. The best earphones for travel will keep your music from being heard at all.


Having a trip requires a great deal of moving — from registering to changing flights. Earphones ought to be anything but difficult to oversee these transitional periods and must be anything but difficult to pack. They should be lightweight and sturdy so they aren’t effectively broken by movement-related wear and tear.

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September 14th, 2018 at 4:51 pm

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Personal Loan – What’s Required

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When it comes to applying for a loan, it is apparent that those who have bad credit history will have a hard time. Many banks will need to take a look at your credit report before choosing if you can get a loan.

They normally consider people with bad credit as not having the ability to repay their loans in time. Many people get a bad credit when they do not make their payments on time or go beyond the spending limitation.

Since you have a bad credit, you can make an application for a personal bad credit loan. Some people refer it to as the payday loan, and you can get a considerable amount of cash through it. When you take a look at the terms of personal bad credit loan, you will observe that it is different from the bank loan.

Were you aware of those issues?

The bank loans are just offered to those who have great credit report. On top of that, bank loans are long term while the personal bad credit loan is brief term, and you can apply online.

Here’s A Few More Ideas

It is possible to get a bad credit, and you need to begin by looking for online financial institutions around your home which offers the loan. As soon as you get a good institution, the next thing you are expected is to fill in the online application form.

Often, getting a bad credit personal loan online is more reliable than doing this face to face at your local bank. Banks that allow loan applications online are often more lenient in their credit policies. Whereas you may fail to receive a personal loan with your credit report from visiting your regional bank, many business that allow applications online are more forgiving of your credit history. That stated, you need to compare quotes between multiple financial institutions to get the very best deal, and make certain you are really comparing ‘equal’ quotes for all elements of the loan.

When comparing quotes is that you make sure the interest rates and terms of the personal loans you’re comparing are identical, the crucial thing. If the loan terms vary in any method, it may be difficult to identify the very best deal.

With a bad credit history, you may have to allow that you will be forced to pay a higher rate of interest to get a personal loan. Regardless of your excellent intentions to make timely payments, loan providers assume a greater level of threat when offering a loan to a prospect with poor credit. However, with time, making constant and prompt payments will improve your credit report. This will make getting future loans with lower rate of interest simpler.

In the end, getting a bad credit personal loan will require more effort than would otherwise be needed if you had a terrific credit report. Initially, you have to study your credit reports to identify why you have poor credit. Minimize those blemishes while emphasizing your excellent points. Second, you need to consider getting multiple quotes online for a personal loan. You have to carefully compare these quotes, guaranteeing that the loan information and terms are identical. Finally, you might have to allow a higher interest rate on your loan, understanding that prompt payments will ultimately assist your credit rating. If you do these things, you have a great chance to obtain a competitive bad credit personal loan.

You need to make sure that the form you are filling is particularly for people with bad credit. When offering information, you are anticipated to show proof of the amount of wage you receive on a monthly basis, and you ought to also reveal that you are employed.

All you have to do is to wait for an approval notice to be sent out to you once you have supplied proper responses. There are no banks which will offer people with poor credit history a loan, and they have no other option but to go to the online banks.

Determine which loan suppliers and banking institutions offer exclusive poor credit personal loan for people much like you. With the decreasing current economic climate, a a great deal of loan business are reconsidering about financing people with undesirable credit ratings in view that many people nowadays already have unfavorable credit ratings no matter whether they like it or not! Many non-traditional lending institutions will likely be enthusiastic to supply such loaning options than the traditional lending institutions will. On the other hand, in case you have been with a particular bank for quite a long time, they may just agree to take chance in lending you cash even when you have an unfavorable overall credit rating.

Look for a loan provider who has sensible terms and conditions and rates that you can pay for. When planning to use for a bad credit loan, you need to always put a number of things into factor to consider.

The very first one is the terms, and it is important to find out if the terms of the online company are favourable. Bad credit loans are constantly short term, and this suggests that you need to make payment prep works ahead of time. The longer the payment duration you have the more interest payment you will make. This implies that you need to choose a payment duration where you can easily clear the whole amount.

You have to find and calculate out exactly what amount of cash you can manage. By doing this, you will have the ability to prevent the high rate of interest charges. If you have any form of security, there are some loan providers who will reduce the interest rate.

When you choose such a loan, you need to ensure that you pay back all the cash as there is a high chance that you might lose your home. If you do not desire to use your property as security, you can likewise decide to go for the unsecured loan. However, the rates of unsecured loans are generally high.

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April 18th, 2018 at 10:08 pm

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Appliance?

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No so many years ago, the majority of appliances and electronic gadgets were promoted largely around claims of how dependable they were. Slogans like “The only stove you will need for 20 years” were not uncommon. When things broke down, you took them to the local authorized repair person.

This was a good approach for most people and certainly for the environment. However, with the rise of cheap manufacturing in countries like China, the emphasis has shifted. While we should be thinking about having things last longer than ever for the sake of the planet, we instead now have a culture where things are made and sold cheaply, and do not last much beyond the terms of the warranty.

This makes do-it-yourself repairs a challenge for some items as they were never really intended to be repaired in the first place. Similarly, the number of properly experienced repair persons has also declined, so that may not even be an option for some people.

If repairs are possible, take price into account. Should the repair be the same as the cost of an entirely new item, then you might as well go the latter route. However, if the price is only about half the cost of a new one, then it becomes a bit more difficult to decide.

Older appliances are often more dependable, so it’s good to keep them around. However, as the years pass, parts can get harder to find. Also, technological advantages may be such that newer models become hard to pass up, even if they won’t have the same lifespan.

In the end, it is necessary to weigh all options and decide what works for you. More and more people are opting for convenience and that means you will see more and more older appliances heading to the dump, which is a shame and unfortunate for Mother Earth.

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April 18th, 2018 at 10:05 pm

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What Does a Podiatrist Do?

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Medical science has made incredible strides in the past few decades and there is now a specialist for virtually every condition. Having trouble with your feet, ankles or associated structures? Make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Podiatrists are specialists for foot problems. They assess, diagnose, and treat conditions involving your feet. A family doctor can handle basic issues in this area, but podiatrists have particular qualifications that go beyond your average general practitioner. Foot issues are particularly common (and can be quite dangerous) for diabetics.

Reasons you might want to see a podiatrist include:

  • persistent foot pain
  • bunions
  • ingrown toenails
  • neuromas
  • problems caused by high heels and flipflops
  • correcting a hammertoe
  • musculoskeletal problems
  • corns
  • calluses
  • fungal infections

At your first appointment, the podiatrist will ask you to describe your condition and how it might be preventing you from doing a regular day-to-day function. He or she will then thoroughly examine your feet and perform tests. The goal is identify the cause of the problem you’re experiencing and the best treatment plan for you.

They will then initiate treatment. Depending on the severity of the issue, you might need to return for more appointments. You can also learn about a change in your footwear and/or activities can help to prevent such an issue from occuring again.

Are you having trouble with your feet? If so, try to see a podiatrist as soon as possible as this is likely the first sign of a potentially serious problem. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to cure the issue.

The podiatrist can also give you valuable tips such as buy your shoes at the end of the day (everyone’s feet swell at the end of the day, so the shoe you choose will be nice and loose in the morning and a comfy fit by evening).

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February 6th, 2018 at 11:46 pm

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Feeling Old? Yeah, Me Too. Keep the Following in Mind…

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Feeling old? I certainly was this morning when I tried to get out of bed. Stiff and sore, I really wanted to remain motionless and warm for just another few minutes. This was bothersome to me because for all of my life, I have been a go-getter and self-starter.

We all age, we all decline, and we all die. There’s no getting around that. And yet, so many of us wake up one day, look in the mirror, and dread where we are at in life. It can leave one feeling stuck in the mud and helpless.

Of course, the best thing to do in such a situation is to keep moving. But even that becomes a challenge as you just don’t have the energy you used to. Also, it takes longer to bounce back from injuries. The pull to just sit on the couch in front of the TV becomes irresistible on some days, even though you know with every fiber of your existence that this is a mistake.

However, try to avoid relying too much on anyone or anything else to feel better. Self-realization can be painful at times, but it can also make the path ahead quite clear. Once that is obvious and the means are more apparent, the question becomes: do you have the fortitude to keep moving forward?

Alcohol, drugs, comfort food, TV…see these all for what they are: a crutch. Sure, you can treat yourself once in a while, but the later stages of the life are the time when you really need to marshal those forces inside of you that helped you conquer previous adversity. Think about it: you couldn’t have gotten this far in life without some inner fire to guide you. It’s still there, so make use of it.

Above all, try to avoid stress. More and more studies are revealing just how detrimental it is to both mind and body. Keep calm and carry on…

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January 4th, 2018 at 11:04 pm

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Don’t Just Flush Your Old Medications!

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Is your medicine cabinet filled with old prescriptions? Most doctors ask that we completely finish our prescriptions, but many of us stop taking the pills as soon as we start feeling better. The thinking there is, “I’m better now, don’t need them” or “Next time I feel this way, I will already have the pills on hand and won’t have to buy more.”

Leaving aside the foolishness of not listening to your doctor, it is not a good idea to let pills age. Many pills lose their potency over time, so taking them months (or years) down the line will not provide you with much relief. Even worse, some can become toxic and should not be used at all after a certain amount of time has passed.

When disposing of any medications, it is important not to just put them in with your regular garbage. Pills and capsules melt when exposed to moisture (just as they do when you swallow them) and that will cause the medication to then seep into the ground. This will negatively impact animals that come into contact with it. Additionally, the runoff can then end up in lakes or streams, affecting fish and other forms of life.

This also applies to flushing unused pills down the toilet. There is a very good chance that the residue from these can end up in our drinking water. The water coming out of your taps is treated beforehand, but, alas, these processes do not address pharmaceutical drugs. These can also hurt animals and fish; with their smaller mass, they are more susceptible.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Bundle up all of your unused drugs and take them to your local pharmacy. They will see that they are disposed of in a safe manner that will not harm the environment, animals, or us.

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November 29th, 2017 at 7:20 pm

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Plasma Cutter Secrets?

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The plasma cutting process includes the consumption of a plasma torch to cut metals and steel of different thickness. Plasma cutters have become very popular in the world as an excellent tool for metal cutting. This wide popularity has resulted in various manufacturers conducting extensive research to enhance the functionality of the plasma cutters.  Hypertherm plasma cutters is the results of this research, and includes all the characteristics of an advanced plasma cutting device.

Scientists have proved that aside from the three states of matter which are known to them, namely solid, gas, and liquid, there is a fourth type known as plasma. It doesn’t exist naturally on earth. When a gas is heated to very high temperature, tremendous amount of energy is moved to the atoms which ionize into its basic components, nuclei and electrons. Plasma is known to be an excellent electric conductor.

Adding to this discussion.

Plasma cutters work by passing a gas through a narrow opening and bringing this in contact with an electric arc. The gas used can be nitrogen, oxygen, compressed, or argon air. This causes the temperature of the gas to rise astronomically resulting in the manufacture of plasma. This high energy released is passed to the metal under operation by the electrical conductivity property of plasma. Since the plasma is essentially a fluid, it has the potential to clear the metal surface free of the residue produced from the cut.

Moving on…

The main drawback of conventional gas cutters were that they weren’t able to cut metals with good conductivity. This disadvantage has been overcome with the new plasma cutter. The cutter can be used in order to cut mild steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, and stainless steel. Therefore they it is widely employed in industries where such operations are involved.

The new plasma cutters are relatively cheaper than conventional gas cutters which gives them preference over the older type of cutters.  They have the advantage of being user friendly and ensure economic advantages like minimized energy consumption. Since they don’t require flammable constituents, the risk factor involved is much lesser. They can be operated on electric power or gas. There are cases where Nitrogen or highly pressurized air can be used.

Plasma cutters are considered to be more effective than traditional oxy fuel cutters because they complement the work quickly and efficiently. Plasma cutters generate heat which is about 22000 degrees whereas the oxy fuels generate a mere 3150 degree Celsius. They can easily burn through most surface coatings such as paint and rust and still impart excellent cutting results.

Easy on the pocket, plasma cutters are more economical. Plasma cutting costs are about half than that of the oxy fuel.

It is important to have an idea how thick the metal is that you are going to cut with the equipment. The thickness of the metal will play a direct affect on the extent of the equipment required. For operations where cutting thin metals are involved, a smaller machine will be sufficient whereas to cut thick metals, heavier equipment is required.

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June 1st, 2015 at 9:29 pm

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