A to Z about Vitamin B

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When it comes to vitamin consumption, we usually focus on vitamin C as it is considered as the most important one which can protect our body. As it is not a wrong opinion, let me make it clear that there is another essential vitamin that all of us need badly. B vitamins are vital for almost all kinds of processes that a human’s body do. Among various benefits that we can get from B vitamins include:

  • Body growth and development
  • proper function of brain
  • Good activity for enzyme
  • Smooth formation of red blood cell
  • Energy booster

When we consume B complex vitamins, then we will get eight important vitamins, which collaborate perfectly in boosting energy and mood. We are lucky that B complex vitamins are available in many kinds of foods and these essential water-soluble vitamins are easy to absorb. We find out that there are so many kinds of B vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B7, B8, B9 and B12. The last one mentioned was popular as “anti-depressed” vitamin as it contains high level of cobalamin.

B12 vitamin has vital function in adding red blood cells formation within human body. This vitamin is what everyone needs in DNA replication when there is a process of cell division. Another advantage that we can take from Vitamin B12 is an essential substance to maintain the balance of neurological health as well as boosting body’s performance in metabolism process. Taking B12 vitamin regularly will add body’s immune system enhance our body to be able in withstanding depression.

How we can get vitamin B12? The best sources include dairy products, eggs, and meats. For those who are in diet, they can just consume meats in proper amount without eliminating it. It is because of the importance of B12 for boosting body’s metabolism and immune system—as the core of healthy life.


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