A healthy diabetic diet meal plan

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A diagnosis of adult onset diabetes is not a death sentence.  Nor does it – as was once the case – condemn you to a life of greatly restricted culinary choices.  In many cases diabetes is caused by poor nutrition and other life-style choices.  In many cases, it can be controlled and sometimes cured by a sensible diet and sufficient exercise.

It is important to  know what you should and should not eat.  Taking the time to educate yourself can, literally, change your life.It is important to restrict the number of calories you consume, particularly the number of carbohydrate calories.  This is true for everyone. Eating an unlimited number of carbs and calories will lead to overweight, possibly obesity and possibly diabetes.  It is also important to drink an adequate amount of water to help process the food that you are taking in.

There are many diet plans out there which lay out exactly what you should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus some allowed snacks), but the University of Idaho Extension Service (among others) has collaborated with a number of dietitians and certified diabetes educators in order to develop a simple  meal-planning tool. The result is “The Healthy Diabetes Plate”, not unlike the new government recommendations for healthy eating.  With this method, instead of having to follow a strict routine, the diabetic is able to follow the guidelines.  He or she soon learns what is acceptable on the diet and what is not.

All the advice and recommendations can be summed up in one sentence: “Do not eat processed food”.  Do not eat bread that has a shelf-life of more than three days; buy freshly baked bread (or bake your own).  Do not eat chips and sugary cereals or anything that contains genetically modified corn syrup.  That accounts for just about anything that comes out of a package. Eat food that was grown not manufactured.


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